Should I remove a tree stump from my property?

Unwanted tree stumps can be unsightly and dangerous, become a rotting hazard and a home for pests and can also reduce property value.

An old tree stump might not cause problems at first, but the longer you let it stick around, the more it can become a nuisance. Old stumps can get in the way of mowing your lawn or be a trip hazard for you and your family. Plus, they make it hard to plant a new tree.

Shortly after they’re separated from the tree that once stood in your garden, stumps begin a very slow decaying process. And yes, over time a rotting stump becomes a hub for home damaging pests like beetles and ants. So, while you can opt to leave the stump and let it rot, the critters that come along in the process might spread out to other plants and trees in your yard or even invade your home. Removing the stump, or grinding it down, is the best way to avoid these pest problems.

Whats the difference between Stump grinding and stump removal?

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We have a great range of equipment to help you with troublesome stump grinding & removals, no matter how limited the access space is. Our friendly team will gladly talk you through the process and provide expert advice on the best option for you.

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